Snowmobile Trails

With exhilarating, high-speed rides through Colorado’s backcountry, snowmobiling from Elk Haven is winter adventure at its finest. Heavy snowfall in the Rocky Mountain Region provides a deep base for hundreds of miles of white powder riding. From Elk Haven, snowmobiles have access to miles and miles of roads, groomed snowmobile trails, and mountainous nature trails.

The White River Snowmobile Club maintains a trail on Rio Blanco County Road 10, South Fork Road and Ripple Creek Pass. Free maps are available by contacting the Meeker Chamber of Commerce, 970-878-5510.

The remoteness of Elk Haven adds a layer of adventure to a snowmobile vacation. Elk Haven’s cozy cabin and spacious lodge are carved deeply into the forest. So deep, the mountain road leading to the resort is accessible only by snowmobile. Guests park their vehicles about a mile away and begin their snowmobile vacation by riding to our doorstep.

Exploring Colorado’s national forest and beautiful backcountry on ATV or snowmobile trails is an adventure worth taking. Elk Haven has ample space to park ATV trailers, and nature provides the rest of the adventure. If snowmobiling in Colorado is the vacation you crave, Elk Haven Lodge should be your next stop. Book online today!

Snomobile Trails in Meeker, Colorado

Snomobile Trails in Meeker, Colorado